Christian Puzzlewise

12 Parables of Jesus Christ

A fun new way to learn about the parables of Jesus Christ  

What to expect?

The Christian Puzzlewise program is a new and fun way to learn about the parables of Jesus Christ. 12 parable lessons are presented in a unique format. 

In each of the 12 lessons: 

• Read the original parable from the New American Standard Bible 

• Read an engaging short story based on the parables 

• Answer multiple-choice and open-ended questions to explore and understand the teachings of Jesus Christ 

• Complete a crossword puzzle based on the parable while also using other Christian resource materials included in the book 

Help a fellow Christian and buy a second book as a gift and receive a 10% discount on both books!

What buyers say...

"Great Bible training for home or school! There are so many ways to assess your child’s understanding of the lesson. This is a great book, which can be used in homes or school. Highly recommend."

- L. Leach

"Easy to understand. Great breakdown for kids. Fun puzzles. Not too long so it will hold their interest:) Mom of 8 and sabbath school teacher for many years."

- J. Silva

"I love the selection of these 12 parables – set the foundation of understanding about God’s deep love for each of us. The story of each parable is reconstructed in a very easy understandable story for the kids."

- Stella Chiu

Who is this book for?

Whether you are a teacher, church administrator, or youth group leader looking to help spread the teachings of Jesus Christ, you have found the perfect resource!  

Perfect for Sunday schools and youth group programs. Easy to teach lessons.

Christian schools have the opportunity to teach students in a new engaging way. 

Learn the parables at home in a deeper way, starting with an original reading from the Bible.

Bulk pricing available for groups and classrooms!

More happy customers...

"12 Parables of Jesus Christ is a wonderful tool for teaching children to read and understand Jesus’ parables in an easy-to-learn format with fun puzzle activities included. The lessons can be done individually, in a class setting, or with family participation."

- Laurie B.

"I wish I had this book available when I was teaching my Juniors’ class at church. My students would have gotten so much more out of the parables and developed a deeper understanding of Christ’s lessons. It’s clear, simple to understand, encourages participation, and is easy for parents and teachers to use. I would recommend it in church classes as well as for meaningful family time."

- Tami L.

"I have only high praise for this program. The students are actually competing to see who can work the puzzles first. I have observed this in the classrooms."

- Kathy S., Principal

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