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This book:
1. Demystifies the parables so they are more easily understood
2. Adds a dimension of clarity about the insights Jesus was teaching
3. Can be keystoned for a standard margin
4. Gives you the opportunity to offer your customers a discount from the back cover price or make additional margin on each sale
5. Adds a high quality instructional book to your store’s children’s shelves
6. Is good for all ages, 9 – adult because of its simple but high-value content

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12 Parables of Jesus Christ is:

  • Easy to use right away
  • Easy for teachers to use in small groups, whole-class, or independent study
  • Easy for parents to do with their children as a family bonding activity
  • Focused on developing Christian knowledge in a playful way while developing the skills of critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication

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This parables’ program is a new and fun way to learn about the parables of Jesus Christ. 12 parable lessons are presented in a unique format.

In each of the 12 lessons, students:

  • Read the original parable from the New American Standard Bible
  • Read an engaging short story based on the parable
  • Answer multiple-choice and open-ended questions to explore and understand the teachings of Jesus Christ
  • Complete a crossword puzzle based on the parable while also using other Christian resource materials included in the book

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